Guidance in connection with communication and conflict management.

Staff  – Groups
Parents and children / adolescents.

I tutor in business contexts, such as cooperation, but also for the initiation of new tasks and projects.

I tutor privately-ex. parents, children / adolescents. These conversations can also be by. phone. Therefore you can always contact me and make an appointment, regardless of where you live.

Offers to your company.
Staff Care / skills / staff development.

In my profession as a hand reader, there are a number of opportunities to uncover the individual’s skills and see possibilities. It is possible to prevent stressful work situations as well as stress in private life if we know what we should go for.

A hand reading can help individuals who are waking up and looking for answers to live a more fulfilling and stress free life on the job and in their private life.

By focusing on strengthening our higher intuitive side and also to be aware of imbalances and our underdeveloped sides can individuals take better care of themselves and become better able to express their  wants and needs.

A hand reading can be a tool for the employee when he or she must prepare themselves on a mouse-conversation.

The manager can evaluate his employee’s skills and his own leadership style.
Then he can be better prepared how to develop the employees the best way possible. How to develop each individual’s best resources. Not to mention, how to develop and bring out his own skills as a leader in management.

In this work, I prefer my knowledge and my experience with guidance, education and conflict ii the extent naturally in process.

Help udarbejdese of applications – based on hand-reading and an interview. Can be used when you apply for a job or when you need to recruit staff. At the same time it can give you an overview of your company’s personnel resources. Contact me for an appointment.

I have over the years acted as a mentor to various individuals around the country. Many are directors of large and small companies. The core of these tasks is to support the individual in their development, whether it’s the start of a new life on a personal level, become better parents or support in business matters. It is very individual how these arrangements are screwed together, therefore, is a clarification of needs and progress is important.

Study groups and other interest groups who need new angles for the development of their work.

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