Reading the hand

Readings of the living hand is a wonderful optimistic and life-affirming way of reading another person. Through hand reading and the meeting with your own inner voice, a new and greater consciousness appears. When we get in contact with these hidden and unused sides of our consciousness, new thoughts, new words and new actions will crop up.

I begin all readings by reading the surface of the hand. There is a lot ‘exact’ information to be seen here. It could be everything; from the well-being of (your) children to changes in economy and job situation.

The information that appears here can be very exact. That lies in the method, which is a combination of the structure of the hands, patterns, symbols, signs, energy etc. Plus, and definitely not least, the small holographic pictures.

From here the reading continues in the palm where finger prints are the most stable signs in the hands and say some fundamental things about your personality. The lines tell and go into great detail about the story of your life from your past and possibly will emerge in future. I say possibly will emerge as your hand changes as does your life.

There are stories about partners, health, children, old habits and patterns. The most life-giving is that the hands very often tell us which options you have when presented with problems that are popping up in your life.

The reading is deep, profound, thorough and philosophic. You get usually work to do for yourself on yourself after the reading.

It is important for me that you know my readings are honest and uncensored. I cannot be the judge about what is most important for you to know or not know. I understand and see myself as ‘the-one-who-sees’. I am just the messenger. I have to read what I see and then put all this information from these lines and symbols into words for you, the person being read. I want to help you understand and translate what I see as gently as possible.


Dodo is a very warm-hearted person. She gives your situation clarity.
You can use what she tells about your future to make some better choices in life. She has been an incredible help for me. She has told me things that happened a few years after the reading.
Wilhem, 52 years.

Hi Dodo
I just want to say THANK YOU. I have put on the bracelet and what it means to me. I have switched some rings around on my hands and added one. I can not tell you what a difference this has made. WOW!
From putting that one ring on my finger, my work associates are interacting with me more and more. I was shocked to say the least. And switching the other rings has brought about some interesting results. I have had 2 strange men contact me and interested in starting up friendships. I really was amazed.
Also, the reading you gave me about an offer and that it would be a double success, I know exactly what you mean there. I have partnered with a woman and helping her with her business. I think this will work out really well. Not to mention all the other stuff. There is just too much to mention here.
My reading and Blind Drawing have changed my life 110%. I am excited about my future knowing that a few short years past after my husband died, there wasn’t much for me to look forward to. Thank you for your insights, wisdom and knowledge. You have been a real catalyst in shifting my life.
Lots of hugs, appreciation and love
Brenda, 48 years

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